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Oct 28

Welcome to EDITO

Welcome to the EDITO Project – “Energy Database Information Tracking Online System”

How the project has been started?

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, if you want to do something very much you will think of a way to do it ! The EDITO project idea came to me during the year of 2009, while performing an energy site survey for thesis of a master degree of my wife. The need was to keep tracking of reading various periodic data through heterogeneous devices, in order to be analyzed and tracked to see multi-variables impact on the energy consumption.

The problem wasn’t only reading the data from the different devices, but also storing them for analysis, and performing aggregate functions on the data, building equations to verify it, and synchronizing the time intervals or triggers between them as well.

When you try to use multi excel workbooks to do so, you can work harder but not smarter, then you will never save time or accuracy for sure, that’s why the world use databases!

Storing data in databases wasn’t the aim, but a way to work on analyzing, getting statistics and also predicting results based on the human behavioral usage.

Thus a blueprint came to start collecting the pits and pieces thus to put all in the right track in a near-perfect way.


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