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The purpose of EDITO Project (Energy Database Information Tracking Online System) is to create a real time online energy auditing and tracking system. Our equipment’s support both two and three phase devices. This online energy monitoring system consists of an accurate hardware power measurement devices interfaced with our own online energy portal system. Monthly Energy Consumption OverviewThe system keeps you on track with your hourly/daily/monthly and yearly energy consumption in order to track your energy consumptions in depth. Your benefit is but not limited to:

1- Detect any abnormal consumption due to old equipment usage or damaged ones.

2- Assure your devices are operating safely, from electrical peaks due to power quality problems such as voltage ups/downs and harmonics, that cause your devices to be damaged or consume more energy than needed.

3- Have a solid documented history of your energy consumption. In order to compare your utility bills to identify any mistakes if occurred.

4- We Save your extra payments and avoid penalties by giving you the best recommendations to reduce the high loads, thus consider our fees as a part from what we have saved to you, not an extra expense! So by using our energy audit services you can have a clear de facto comparison what the situation before and after applying our energy efficiency reviews.

Monthly consumption details

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!

An online energy advisor is a great way to analyze your energy usage and lower your energy bills. With only a few minutes of your time, you can analyze your home’s energy usage, learn how to use energy more efficiently and customize energy improvements for your building.

Voltage Real Time Dashboard

* Eliminate energy wastage * Establish better procurement options * Set energy targets and monitor performance * Initiate Energy Efficiency measures * Reduced administration costs * Eliminate bill validation costs * Eliminate credit notes * Eliminate the need for customer meter reading * Minute by Minute consumption information * Daily meter reads * Clear graphical presentation and comparisons * Benchmark sites to identify best and worst performance * Bill validation


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